Piling Rig
Piling Rig

Piling Rig

Piling is a complex technical foundational application that requires a high degree of expertise to be carried out safely and effectively. It involves driving large concrete or steel piles into the ground to support heavy structures, such as high-rise buildings. To install these large foundation piles, specialist machinery known as a piling rig is used.

These rigs are track mounted and usually specialize in installing one type of pile. Driven piles are hammered or jacked into the ground using a percussion hammer, hydraulic driver (typically for sheet piles) or diesel-powered vibratory drivers that reduce surrounding soil resistance and allow the pile to slide into the ground. Bored piles are driven through the soil with a continuous auger, similar to a very large drill bit.

Understanding the Functions of a Pile Rig in Building Foundations

Dedicated piling rigs offer increased productivity and versatility while requiring a smaller crew to operate than crane suspended hammers or vibrators. These rigs are also suitable for sites with limited space, where access is difficult for larger equipment.

When transporting a pile driving rig, careful planning is required to ensure the machine can be transported without damage to hardware or mechanical systems. Depending on the size of the pile rig, this can be a daunting task. The best way to prevent these potential pitfalls is to conduct a thorough task specific Risk Assessment and Method Statement. In addition, it is important to prepare the ground surface correctly (excavations or trenches should be backfilled appropriately), and regularly inspect the area for any degradation that could cause the equipment to become unbalanced or overturn during transportation.

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