Three Easy Diesel Performance Upgrades
Three Easy Diesel Performance Upgrades

Three Easy Diesel Performance Upgrades

In the last ten to fifteen years, Willys Workshop diesel engines and trucks have exploded in popularity throughout the United States and the world. That’s not surprising as they’re a powerful, economical and practical choice for many people. They can easily withstand the salt and cold of our northern Utah roads and backcountry trails while still providing impressive performance. But even with the incredible power and torque of a modern diesel pickup, it’s possible to get even more from it with a few simple upgrades.

Turbocharged Thrills: Exploring Diesel Performance Upgrades

One of the best ways to increase horsepower and improve your engine’s performance is to install a cold air intake. A good diesel performance intake kit increases the amount of cold air entering your engine, enabling it to produce more power without consuming more fuel.

Another popular upgrade is to replace the factory fuel injectors with high-flow ones. High-performance diesel injectors have specially designed nozzles to allow for greater fuel pressure and better atomization. This helps increase horsepower and also fuel economy, as well as extend the life of your fuel pump.

If you’re a truck or tractor owner, you know the importance of using quality diesel. Dirty diesel can cause clogged filters and deposits in your fuel injectors that reduce engine performance over time. Co-op Premium Diesel is TOP TIER® certified, so it’s proven to keep your fuel system clean, reducing the chances of deposit-related power loss.

So if you want your diesel truck to perform at its best, consider these three diesel performance upgrades. But remember, it’s always best to consult a professional for advice on what will work with your particular truck and budget.

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