Why Buy Secondary Double Glazing DIY?
Why Buy Secondary Double Glazing DIY?

Why Buy Secondary Double Glazing DIY?

Secondary double glazing diy is a cost-effective way of improving acoustic and heat insulation in your home without having to replace existing windows. It is ideal for listed buildings or in areas where planning laws prevent you from changing the aesthetics of your original windows.

It is a clear acrylic sheet that fits over your existing window, forming an effective air gap. It allows warm air to remain inside your home in winter, and reduces cold air intruding from outside making rooms feel much more comfortable. It also reduces draughts and condensation.

You will still be able to open the original windows as you would before, and in many cases you won’t even notice that you have a secondary glazing fitted. The benefits of this can be seen in reduced heating bills and improved comfort.

Mastering DIY Secondary Double Glazing: A Step-by-Step Guide for Home Improvement Enthusiasts

The main reason to buy secondary double glazing diy is if you have old heritage or sash windows that are expensive to repair or replace. These can be difficult to insulate due to their design. Secondary glazing can help insulate these types of windows without the expense of replacing them, and with instant access to the original window for cleaning and ventilation.

Our DIY secondary glazing kit is easy to fit, requiring you only to measure the visible glass in your window and the window frame itself, and then simply order the appropriate size of acrylic window pane. The pack comes with a 2.44m long magnetic backed white or brown upvc clip frame and steel and magnetic tape which attach to each other, with fitting instructions included.

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