How to Evaluate Industrial Painting Contractors
How to Evaluate Industrial Painting Contractors

How to Evaluate Industrial Painting Contractors

The best Industrial Painting Contractors are highly trained and qualified to handle the specialized tasks involved in industrial painting projects. These projects involve using very durable oil-based paints designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions and heavy traffic, as well as the use of cranes and scaffolding to reach tight spaces or high areas. Industrial painters also often specialize in floor coverings, including epoxy coatings used to protect and maintain industrial floors. Learn more:

Another area in which good industrial painters excel is their ability to keep the project on schedule without disrupting the client’s day-to-day operations. This means that they will develop an efficient access plan, work around equipment and other obstacles, and cover or move any items that need to be protected. They will also make sure to use plastic sheeting, tape, and cones to mark their working area.

Choosing the Right Paint for Your Industrial Facility: A Contractor’s Perspective

Finally, the best industrial painters will provide an accurate estimate and complete the job within the time frame they quote. They will also offer a warranty on their work. When evaluating a painting contractor’s warranties, pay special attention to how the company will resolve any issues and potential exclusions.

In addition to painting and coating, good industrial painters will provide other specialty services, like corrosion control, liner installation, and secondary containment. In particular, they will offer liners and coatings that are EPA-compliant and engineered for specific exposures. They will also evaluate your facility and equipment for secondary containment needs, such as lining retaining walls, berms, slopes, trenches, and spill diversion.

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