How to Get Rid of Armadillo Invading Your Yard
How to Get Rid of Armadillo Invading Your Yard

How to Get Rid of Armadillo Invading Your Yard

If you have armadillos invading your garden, there are a few steps you can take to get rid of them. First, check local wildlife laws to see if it’s legal to trap and relocate an armadillo. If it is, then you should use a cage trap that’s designed for armadillos. You may want to place a small fence over the trap’s hole to guide the get rid of armadillo into it. Then, once the armadillo is trapped, you should move it a few miles away from your home.

Generally, you can make your yard less attractive to armadillos by removing their food sources and hiding spots. Armadillos love grubs, worms, and other insects that live in the soil, so getting rid of these creatures can help deter them from your yard. You can also try spraying your lawn with a grub killer.

Digging In: Strategies to Get Rid of Armadillos in Your Yard

Another option is to plant a wire in-ground fence around your vegetable gardens, flower beds, and other plantings. This type of fence can prevent armadillos from digging under it, so they’ll be less likely to visit your garden. You should also keep bushes and other plants pruned regularly and remove brush piles from your yard, as these can serve as a hiding spot for armadillos.

Finally, you can use scented repellents to help keep armadillos out of your yard. These include cayenne pepper and garlic, which can disrupt an armadillo’s sense of smell. You can also find commercial armadillo repellent products, which are available in granule form that you can sprinkle around areas where armadillos cause damage.

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