How to Use Advertising Services on Facebook
How to Use Advertising Services on Facebook

How to Use Advertising Services on Facebook


Advertising services on Facebook provide an excellent opportunity to target potential customers. The social media giant has a huge audience of users who are primed to receive your message.

When setting up an ad, Facebook uses an auction system to determine how much each advertiser will pay for their ad to be displayed. The higher the bid, the more likely the ad will be seen.

The auction system also provides advertisers with the option to set a goal for their campaign. There are 11 different objectives to choose from, ranging from increasing brand awareness to driving app installs and more. If you are unsure of which objective to select, Facebook will recommend an objective that they believe is the most likely to reach your goals.

Maximizing ROI: Advertising Services on Facebook Demystified

Once you have selected an objective, you can begin to narrow down your targeting criteria. Facebook provides a variety of options, including location, age, and gender. You can even use a custom audience to target people who have signed up for your email list or used your mobile application.

You can also create a lookalike audience to find people who are similar to current customers. This is a great way to grow your business without spending too much money. Daily deal sites like Groupon, Fab, and AppSumo are great examples of businesses that have successfully used this type of advertising. By focusing on getting new people to sign up for a service, these companies can build an email list and then offer them more deals in the future.

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