What to Expect on a Safari Hunt
What to Expect on a Safari Hunt

What to Expect on a Safari Hunt

safari hunt

A safari hunt is a hunting trip to Africa and can include any number of different activities from guided antelope hunting to dangerous game. It is an adventure that should be a high priority for any Big Game hunter.

While most hunters think of the famed Big Five when they hear safari, there are many other species to pursue on a South African safari. Known as the Tiny Ten, these antelope species can provide just as much excitement and challenge as the bigger game.

The Thrill of the Hunt: Safari Adventures Await

For many of the animals in this group, a stalking approach is required due to rocky terrain and thorny brush. Often, a prone or kneeling position is not possible because of these impediments and shots must be taken quickly. This is why a shooting stick or a standing position is so important. Parsons Terrier scent dogs will be present on most safaris as well to assist in finding and tracking wounded trophies.

Some of these antelope species are quite common, but there are others that are not well known. The springbok, for instance, is the national animal of South Africa and is found in the open grasslands. They can be difficult to approach close enough for a shot and the typical hunting methods are stalking on foot or driving until an opportunity presents itself.

An African plains game hunt can be a very affordable adventure. Most outfitters will charge a daily rate and then add on trophy fees for each animal hunted. It is best to do your homework and understand what you will be paying for before the trip. I have a buddy that once won a safari at auction for $1,500, and ended up paying $7,200 when it was over!

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